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Verde Shuttle from  Cottonwood to Sedona.
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Masks are no longer required.

New Verde Shuttle Buses 

Our route runs directly from the Cottonwood Library at Garrison Park to Sedona. Once in Sedona, it stops at all the major destinations in West Sedona, Uptown, Tlaquepaque, Hillside, and south to Poco Diablo Resort. So, Verde Shuttle is a great way to get around Sedona, too.

Catching the shuttle in Cottonwood

Verde Shuttle picks up and drops off at the transit center at the Cottonwood Library at Garrison Park. This stop offers free parking, bike racks, and quick connections to and from local Cottonwood buses.

  • CAT operates three routes that serve Cottonwood, Verde Village and Clarkdale.
    CAT buses serve the Cottonwood Library, Monday through Friday from 6 :45 AM to 6 PM, running every 45 minutes.
  • CAT Connect After Hours Shuttle provides demand response service for Verde Shuttle riders who arrive in Cottonwood after 6:30 PM. – 10:30 PM. Monday thru Friday. The CAT Connect bus will be waiting at the library when Verde Shuttle arrives in Cottonwood and will take you to any bus stop in the CAT service area.

You can also catch the bus along Mingus, at the walking bridge or Circle K. The bus stops are clearly marked.

Shuttle Stops in Sedona

Verde Shuttle serves destinations throughout Sedona. All stops are shown on the map and schedule in this guide and are clearly signed.

  • Just pull the cord on the bus to let the driver know where you’d like to get off.
  • To be picked up in Sedona, just wait by any bus stop sign. Many stops have shelters and benches. Our bus stop at the Sedona Municipal Lot in Uptown offers free parking and a bike rack.

Verde Shuttle Schedule

Verde Shuttle runs hourly, all day, seven days-a-week.

  • The first bus leaves Cottonwood at 6:00 AM and arrives in Uptown Sedona just after 6:30 AM.
  • The last bus leaves uptown Sedona at 10 PM and arrives back in Cottonwood about 10:30 PM.

To download a PDF of the route map and schedule, click here.

Planning Your Trip with Our Trip Planner or Google Maps

The easiest way to plan your trip is with the Trip Planner on our home page. Just put in your starting point and your destination. You’ll get detailed instructions, including how to use CAT buses to connect.

When you are out and about, you can get transit directions and pick-up times right in Google Maps on your phone – just like you get driving directions. It’s as easy as that.

Verde Shuttle Buses

Our brand-new buses are cool, clean, and comfortable. Each bus is equipped with a wheelchair lift and bike rack for easy access.

Bike to Bus

Our new buses can accommodate up to three bicycles, including one fat tire bike. View the video below for directions on using the bike racks on the buses.

Paying Your Fare

Cash Fares

The regular fare for Verde Shuttle is $2.00 from Cottonwood to Sedona. If you’re just traveling within Sedona, it’s only $1.00. Just put your exact cash in the farebox.

Drivers don’t make change If you are transferring to or from CAT, just let your driver know when you board and they will give you a free transfer. It’s as easy as that.

Money Saving Passes

If you are going to be riding Verde Shuttle daily, you might consider buying an unlimited monthly pass.

Monthly passes are $60.00 for Verde Shuttle and $70.00 for unlimited Rides on CAT and Verde Shuttle. They are sold at the following locations:


  • CAT Office, 340 Happy Jack Way
  • Public Library, 100 S 6th St
  • City Finance Dept, 821 N Main St


  • City Hall – Finance Department, 102 Roadrunner Dr. Sedona Monday-Thursday 7:30 am to 5:00 pm.

Discounted Fares

Verde Shuttle offers half-fares and half-priced passes to the following groups.

  • Seniors (60 or older)
  • Students, including college students, with a current ID
  • Veterans with ID
  • Persons who are certified as disabled by CAT (call 928.282.0938 for details)
  • LITS – persons with low-income verification from Social Security or NACOG

View the Fares/Passes Page


Verde Shuttle operates every day except the following holidays:

  • New Year’s Day
  • Thanksgiving
  • Christmas Day

Note that the transit office may be closed on additional holidays, but the buses will run on a regular